I’ll review this past week first as the first purchase will be included in the April summary.

On Monday I spent $39.01 at Star Market.  I would have bought more pizza dough, but there wasn’t more.  So, unfortunately I’ll need to go back again soon.  Oatmeal was on sale through the end of April so I was able to stock up on that.


On Wednesday (May 1), I spent $107.03 on my first trip to Wegman’s.  They had everything on my list!

On Thursday I went to Stop & Shop (for the first time since the strike) and picked up my Farmer’s to You order.  I assume because of the strike just about everything at Stop & Shop was on sale, even things that weren’t in the flyer.  Strawberries and english muffins, for example, were buy 1, get 2 free.  I spent $72.52.


My Farmer’s to You box was 65.59 this week because of the pork chops.


My second trip to Wegman’s was yesterday.  The drinks needed restocking.  I spent $56.79.  It would have been more, but they had no Family Pack eggs.  I didn’t need eggs badly enough to pay more for the smaller packages.

The rain finally caught up with us and all sports were canceled on Thursday.  We had apple cider pork chops, mashed potatoes, and salad for dinner.

Our other big, together meal of the week was fish tacos with guacamole & pico de gallo on Saturday night.

April TOTAL: $1,247.82

  • Stop & Shop: $175.52
  • Wegman’s: $459.85
  • BJs: $254.58
  • Local: $214.13
    • Farmers to You: $193.34
    • Other Local: $20.79
  • Other: $143.74
    • Star Market/Shaw’s: $139.12
    • Target: $0
    • Other: $4.62

No complaints.