This was looking like a VERY small week, so I ended up going to BJ’s to balance things out!

I started by spending $17.56 at Stop & Shop on Tuesday.


Then I spent $8.51 at the farm stand on Wednesday.


And on Thursday I picked up our Farmer’s to You box for $39.34.


That brought the total (without BJ’s) to $65.41!  I didn’t need the BJ’s stuff last week.  But, I will need it by Wednesday of this week and I didn’t have another good opportunity to go.  Plus, it does balance out the weeks.

So, on Thursday I spent $219.58 at BJ’s.  That brought the complete total to $284.99.

Since its still baseball/soccer season, most of our meals were quick ones.  But we did have beef shank (faux osso bucco) with mashed potatoes and green beans for dinner together on Friday night.