This post should have been up almost two weeks ago.  And then last week was the holiday (plus rather little grocery shopping).  So, two posts today to cover that gap.

To start, on Monday (5/13) I made a trip to Shaw’s.  I spent $51.98, including the free eggs.  Unfortunately I’m going to have to go to Shaw’s again next week because we’re already out of pizza dough.  Baseball season.


On that Tuesday, I spent $73.29 at Wegman’s.  It would have been more, but they had no family pack eggs.


I also spent $49.86 at Stop & Shop on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, I added a package of cookies to my cart at Target for $2.99.

On Thursday, I picked up my Farmer’s to You box for $41.39.


Finally, on Friday I spent $91.72 at Wegman’s.


So, I made a lot of stops, covering just about all the shopping possibilities!  My total for the week was $311.21.  Clearly, I’m making up for some smaller weeks.

I really don’t remember all of what we ate that week.  We definitely grilled hot dogs and sausages (see above photo).  And, we had roasted chicken.  Otherwise, I’m assuming quick meals.