So, clearly I’m behind.  But, last week was the last week of school.  The week before that was the last week for most spring sports (some continue into the summer).  I’m aiming to post a grocery update every day this week which will get everyone caught up on that.  Then, the following week I’ll start posting about other things – our garden and what we’ve been up to since I last posted about non-food in December!

On Monday, I made a very big trip to Stop & Shop.  The $156.45 total was driven by (1) many things we use being on sale and (2) steaks for the holiday weekend bbq.


On Thursday I picked up our Farmer’s to You box for $69.83.  It was higher than usual because – so much chicken.  We had pan fried chicken with steamed asparagus and potato cubes one night that week.


On Friday, I spent $93.67 at Wegman’s.


Finally, on Saturday June arrived.  I spent $20.83 at the farm stand to welcome the new month.


That brings the weekly total to $340.78, almost all of which will be counted towards the May numbers.