This week I shopped four days in a row!  Somehow that seems less bad than two grocery stops in the same day, but its still pretty inefficient.  I try to plan my trips to spread things out, but it doesn’t always work out that way.

On Monday I spent $44.22 at Star Market.


On Tuesday I spent $159.57 at BJ’s.  Clearly I didn’t take a picture of the non-perishable items.


On Thursday I spent $133.70 at Wegman’s.


Finally, on Thursday I picked up my Farmer’s to You box for $36.20.  The seeds were a free giveaway; we got to pick two packages from approximately 20 choices.  The pizza is a new option.  This was a white spinach pizza which has made four lunches for me.  It was very tasty.


That brought my weekly total to $373.69.  And now we’ll back up to May.

May TOTAL: $1,244.06

  • Stop & Shop: $296.39
  • Wegman’s: $448.46
  • BJs: $219.58
  • Local: $224.66
    • Farmers to You: $216.15
    • Other Local: $8.51
  • Other:  $54.97
    • Star Market/Shaw’s: $51.98
    • Target: $2.99
    • Other: $0

Ok, that was shockingly similar to April.  That’s good.