Ok, last of the catch-up posts.

You can tell summer is here when I make two stops at the farm stand and visit the farmer’s market!

Trip one to the farm stand was on Monday when I spent $19.96.


On Tuesday I spent $10 on strawberries and sugar snap peas at the farmer’s market.

On Wednesday, I spent $233.59 at Wegman’s.  We had braised halibut with bok choy (Farmer’s to You) for dinner Thursday night.  The ribs are for Saturday night.

I spent $49.48 on our Thursday Farmer’s to You box.


Finally, I made two stops on Friday.  First I spent $93.61 at Stop and Shop.  I big chunk of that was steaks for Sunday.

Then I spent $37.47 at the farm stand.  The corn isn’t quite local yet, but it goes so well with ribs.


So, it was a big week – $434.11!