We’ve crossed the halfway point of the year, and definitely into summer.

This was not an efficient grocery shopping week.  For whatever reason, I wasn’t able to think/plan more than a day or so in advance.

On Monday, I spent $108.00 during the first of many stops at Wegman’s.

On Wednesday, I was back at Wegman’s for a small stop – $30.51.


On Thursday, I picked up our Farmer’s to You box for $67.67.  There were a lot of chicken wings!  These went into the freezer for later in the summer.  They’re just not available every week.


On Saturday, I spent $50.58 at the farm stand on dinner supplies.  Yes, they sell way more than just produce.  We had veal parmesean with tossed salad.


Finally, on Sunday I was back at Wegman’s again for dinner supplies.  We had roast beef sandwiches with tater tots and watermelon for dinner.  Thankfully, this will cover tonight and Tuesday also.

That brought my total for the week to $414.54, all of which will end up in the June total.  We’ll see what that means next week.