I got bagels a few times this week.  They’re not part of my normal grocery stops, but the kids were asking so we did.

On Tuesday I purchased a dozen bagels plus two cream cheese tubs at Bruegger’s for $14.69.  The bagels were gone so quickly (seven eaters here) that I bought two dozen more (no cream cheese) on Thursday for $19.38.  So, $34.07 just on bagels.

On Thursday I also picked up my Farmer’s to You box for $46.92 and made a $52.93 visit to Stop & Shop.  That was the first time I’d bought spinach in months as we’ve been eating it from the garden.

On Saturday, I spent $90.58 at Wegman’s.   You can see elements of Saturday’s dinner which was hot dogs, sausages, chips & dip, potato salad, and cut veggies.


Finally, on Sunday I went to the farm stand for corn to have with dinner.  I ended up getting a few more items for a total of $26.50.  We had butter chicken and baked beans with our corn.