I made a somewhat unexpected trip to BJ’s this week.  I had been hoping to put this off until the kids were back to school, but we were short charcoal which is better purchased there (especially in late summer).

So, on Wednesday I spent $179.90 there.

Then, on Thursday, I spent $53.82 at Shaw’s and $39.50 with Farmer’s to You.

I made a $114.73 stop at Wegman’s on Friday.  Somehow I only got a picture of the stuff that goes in the garage fridges; clearly there was more.


Finally, on Sunday I spent $59.80 at Stop & Shop.


This also was the height of garden produce.  Below is one day’s haul.  For the cucumbers, in particular, this was a daily affair.  We also still have plenty of carrots left.  This did represent the end of the lettuce though.


Discounting the garden to free (This is not entirely true.  The lettuce, carrots, and beans were from seed but the cucumber plants were purchased.  There’s also the necessary watering.), the total came to $487.32.  That’s a big week, but a small one is to come.