Things finished on a bit of a whimper, but I doubt that meant a small month.

That starts to change in August.  Last week was smaller than normal.  This week is tiny.

On Tuesday, I spent $29.11 at Stop & Shop.


On Thursday, I spent $37.51 at Stop & Shop.


Inefficient yes.  Expensive no.  I had thought I’d make that second stop elsewhere, but this ended up being the best choice.  No Farmer’s to You this week because we have a bit of a fruit backlog.  So, the grand total was 66.62.

July TOTAL: $1,832.79

  • Stop & Shop: $160.95
  • Wegman’s: $779.45
  • BJs: $484.98
  • Local: $263.41
    • Farmers to You: $220.85
    • Other Local: $42.56
  • Other:  $144.00
    • Star Market/Shaw’s: $109.93
    • Target: $0
    • Other: $34.07

Not small.