I’m a big fan of recipes I can prep when I have time/ingredients and then eat later.  This is a great one for that theme since the pouches go straight from the freezer to the oven, and it’s something my kids will eat.

Unfortunately, I don’t have pre-frozen photos.  But, doesn’t this look yummy, some would even say elegant if cut open properly.


Halibut with Carrots & Leeks (from Real Simple magazine)

3 small carrots, thinly sliced – could easily be doubled, if desired
2 leeks (white and light green parts), sliced into half moons – optional
4 6-ounce halibut fillets (1 inch thick, skin removed)
Kosher salt and pepper
4 Tbsp olive oil
¼ cup fresh oregano – 4 tsp dried works fine


  1. Arrange 4 squares of parchment on a flat surface. Fold to create a diagonal line.
  2. Place the carrots and leeks in the center on one side of the line. Place the halibut on the vegetables.
  3. ** The seasonings in this step are for the total of 4 pouches.** Season with ½ tsp salt and ¼ tsp pepper. Drizzle with the oil and sprinkle with the oregano.
  4. Fold the parchment over. Starting at one point fold over the edges to seal.  You’ll end up with a half-heart shape.
  5. Place the packets in plastic bags and freeze until ready to cook, for up to 3 months.


  1. Heat oven to 375°.
  2. Remove the proper number of packets from the freezer and place in a single layer on a baking sheet.
  3. Cook for 25 minutes.
  4. Cut open the packets before serving. Be careful of the escaping steam.  (On each plate makes the best presentation, but since I’m feeding the kids I transfer the contents to their plates)

I did modify this slightly and my comments as to the ingredients are included.  I am most likely to prep this when I find halibut at the farmer’s market fishmonger.  I’m sure he wonders what I’m doing with all the fish as I usually buy for that night’s dinner also and they rarely are things that would go together.