This has been a busy week.  Today is back to school (for elementary) so Monday was super hectic and I didn’t get the post up.  Then Tuesday we ended up in the ER as our 4y cut his face on the corner of the TV stand.  Thankfully no stitches were required, only Dermabond, but it wiped out my evening and once again I didn’t get the post up.  So here I am playing catch up.

  • First day of school! (Happened last, but must be mentioned first.)
  • Two kids attended a week of soccer camp.
  • We had two playdates with preschool friends.
  • We attended two pre-preschool playground meetups to meet this years classmates.
  • The older three had two golf lessons.  These were supposed to be the last of the year, but for reasons we won’t get into they’ll get one more in a few weeks.
  • I repaired two back packs.
  • Purchased all necessary school supplies via Target (mostly), Staples (one small flexible binder), and Amazon (new water bottles).
  • Got one twin’s bike repaired.
  • Purchased a few more pairs of shorts for our oldest..
  • Enjoyed Tomato Fest.