Not surprisingly, there’s been a lot in the news about Hurricane Katrina surrounding the ten year anniversary.  I wasn’t there.  But, I have been to New Orleans twice and I definitely recall seeing the news on TV.

My first trip was roughly ten years previous and I didn’t remember it well enough to connect with what I was seeing on TV.  We had done typical touristy things, spent some time at a band festival (though I don’t actually know where that took place), and gone on a river boat.

But, just a few months earlier my second trip had been spent at the Convention Center and immediate surrounding area which became somewhat of an epicenter for a while.  It was a bit surreal to see places I had recently been so affected and I remember wondering about other areas I had been to, such as the mall connecting the Convention Center with our hotel.

Obviously the storm affected many people and while much work has been done there is still much to do.  It is important that events like this not disappear from our collective memories.  I’ve appreciated all the recent updates, especially the personal stories.