This week tips the scales back.  While there are some things I appreciate, most items I could live without.

But, I bought plenty of produce last week and apples and broccoli are coming into season which are always popular.

The good:  tomatoes, corn, broccoli, red leaf lettuce, apples, pickle cukes (we’ll just eat them)

The ok: zucchini & summer squash, romano beans, swiss chard (not sure what to do with it two weeks in a row)

The waste/donate: eggplant, cubanelle pepper, red & white beets, basil (this is way past overkill for us)

I’ll take the “good” catagory plus the zucchini (one can always hide it in something) and romano beans (not sure we’ve ever tried these).

Separately, I happened across another CSA this week.  Obviously they’re all different, but this one looked like it might have a better fruit/vegetable mix for us.  I think I’ll have to investigate it further.