The last stop on our driving tour was Fort Ticonderoga.  We left our hotel in Cooperstown, stopped for lunch, and toured the fort before driving home.

I’d never been, but it is someplace I’d wanted to go for a long time.  It’s just not near anything.  Frankly, it was somewhat out of the way on this trip, but close enough that we decided to detour.  The weather was nice, though with the previous days rain there were lots of puddles.  These were enjoyed by the younger ones so much that we had to change them (shoes included) when we got back to the car.

The views from the ramparts were gorgeous.  The boys enjoyed the cannons, though not the live demonstrations.  They also enjoyed the fife & drum corps, as long as we didn’t get too close.  We saw demonstrations of life at the fort, specifically cobblers and carpenters.  We saw the living quarters.  The boys were remarkably patient as we went through the text heavy parts with the history.  I could have spent more time there.  Since they were running out of steam, and we still had to drive home, we did not make it to the King’s Gardens.

All in all, worth a stop, if only for the view.  I’m not sure I’d go way out of my way to visit though.