Well, this post is really late!  Turns out this week is more chaotic than I thought and not just regarding dinner.  We have contractors doing minor work on the house.  The issue is, its a little everywhere.  Specifically, the main hallways are all being painted (among other things).  As of now the only room not affected is the living room, which means getting anything done and keeping the kids entertained requires much extra effort.

I thought meals would be back to normal after the last soccer game last weekend, but he got invited to participate in a tournament this weekend so we’ll have to postpone “normal” until after Thanksgiving.

Besides 2 evening soccer practices, we have second grade math night and a preschool event during the dinner hour this week.  First for the shopping,

I made a few stops this past week.  First, I went to Wegman’s.  The juice boxes are for one of the preschool dinners.  The paper wrappers are swordfish we ate last week.


Over the weekend I went to the cheese festival at the farm stand.  Naturally, I got a few items, including a fair amount of cheese.  The brown bag is seconds bananas, which work out to about 10¢ each and are great for banana bread.  The blueberries were not on my plan, but were begged and pleaded for by my 4y (and they were all eaten by the end of the day).  The cranberry sauce was another extra.  We usually prefer the can shaped variety, but I’ve had a variety of “Turkey Dinner” sandwiches this month and I decided a less jelly-like version would make a better sandwich spread.




Here’s the menu plan for this coming week.


Chicken & Dumplings

Kids: chicken nuggets, broccoli
Adults: homemade pizza

Kids: eggs
Adults: homemade mac n cheese

Beef stew
Oatmeal bread

Kids: shrimp, broccoli
Adults: leftovers

Out at a preschool event.