Continuing on the late theme from yesterday …

I felt like I was getting a lot done in the past week, even with the Wednesday holiday.  But, that slowed down as the week progressed.  Initially I was home with the contractors and things were getting done.  But, then they somewhat took over everywhere so I spent my time more keeping the kids contained or away in whatever form we could to avoid them.

  • We got a load of mulch delivered and 4 HS kids came to spread it around for us for their fundraiser.  They got through half the pile, though the most critical spots.  Now I have to finish it off before winter hits.
  • My oldest had this last practice and game for his fall team.  I thought this would be the end, but his spring team asked him to join them for a tournament this weekend so we’ve had a few more practices and are awaiting a few more games.
  • I made it to the preschool parent’s meeting, which was a nice night out.
  • We went to the older preschool class’ class dinner.
  • I went to the cheese festival at the farm stand; only the 4 year old wanted to join me.
  • I got through a mess of errands – returns at two stores; birthday present at another store; determined Bed, Bath, & Beyond didn’t have any of the items I was looking for; Trader Joe’s for yogurt & cereal bars; and the hardware store to discuss new kitchen counters – all in one kid-free morning.
  • The boys made it to math night.
  • I’ve been managing three contractors for 5 days now.  I think they’re about halfway done.