Our summer days seem to fall in one of two categories – we either do a lot or we don’t do much.  Yesterday was a lots day.

Our entire day was planned around heading to New Hampshire for strawberry picking.  The weather was questionable, but held.  And, while humid it wasn’t so sunny that our strawberries got cooked before we got home to eat them.

First we went strawberry picking.

In total we picked just over 8 lbs of strawberries.  Many were eaten after paying but before returning to the car.

Then we went to McDonald’s for lunch.  This has been a requested summer outing and it seemed like an opportune time to fit it in.  Plus the New Hampshire McDonald’s play area is different from the one closer to our house.

Third, we dropped off a few items at someone’s house while we were in the area.  If I can get it out of the house I am, in preparation for the move.  These items were permanently leaving our possession.

Fourth, we stopped at Lowe’s to pickup our online order – lighting for the new house.  Customer service took forever though.  I’m fairly sure I could have walked to the lighting department, found all the items, and gone through the regular checkout line faster.  I think this is an issue that both Lowe’s and Home Depot need to address as I’ve had the same issue there.  Online ordering with store pickup (where you could potentially buy more things) should be the best of both worlds for them, and fully encouraged.

Then we ran across the parking lot (I did move the car.) to BJs for a few items.  And, on the way home we stopped at the dry cleaner and the gas station.

All in all a very productive day and we were only gone from 10-3 so still plenty of summery downtime.