I’m not sure if they fall in “the best things in life are free” category, but large kids items can often be had for little or no money.  This is because folks don’t want the big items taking up space – in or out – and they outlast one, or even a few, kids.

For Exhibit A, I present our backyard collection.  The hockey net was a present.  But, for the rest of it I paid a sum total of $25.  That’s one big wooden structure, one small plastic structure, two 6-seat kids picnic tables, one play house, one basketball hoop, and one plastic kids basketball hoop.

It was all herded onto the driveway for winter and so as not to kill off the grass while we sold the house.  Similarly the attachments are off the play structure until it gets to its new home.  Everything was worn, but in good repair; some things we’ve had for 8 years now.