The moving date is closing in on us so, with school / sports largely done, things are pivoting in that direction.


  • We attended one birthday (fairy garden) party and one end-of-year party.
  • The last day of elementary school occurred, which resulted in the inevitable onslaught of paper.  Normally I just deal with this in September, but not wanting to move it I’m about 75% through sorting keep from recycle.
  • I made it to a monthly twins meeting for the first time since December.  It was nice to see folks again.
  • We went to the pool.  I still have one water unfriendly child but he’s not water unsafe, just water averse.
  • After some hiccups, we finalized the kitchen counters and bathroom lighting fixtures.
  • The house is moving along with retaining walls starting to appear.


  • I packed 6 boxes.
  • I sorted many things for Goodwill/recycling/trash.
  • I updated the grocery postings for February.  I have the pictures and receipts so I’m going to go back and fill in just the Mondays that I missed as it is a good record for me and seems to be popular reading.