There were fewer receipts this month so I had hoped that the total would be on the low side.  But, we did have some extra nice dinners so some of the Wegman’s receipts were rather high.  All in all though, its close.

  • June TOTAL: $974.91
    • Stop & Shop: $122.91
    • Wegman’s: $393.38
    • BJs: $224.78
    • Other: $233.84
      • Local: $142.56
      • Star Market: $63.08
      • Trader Joe’s: $0
      • Target: $28.20
      • Other: $0

With the holiday last week, we’ve got two weeks of groceries this week.

We got about 8 lbs of strawberries via strawberry picking.


I went to the farm stand.  The English peas and kohlrabi are local.


I also went to BJs, but got very little food.


I went to Stop & Shop.


And, I went to the farm stand again.  That was just the first week.


Thankfully, the second week did not involve as much shopping.  I went to Wegman’s first and we had some nice tuna steaks.

On Wednesday I went to Wegman’s and we had the tuna steaks (paper wrapping) for dinner.

Finally, yesterday I went to Stop & Shop.  As you can see we’re entering the baby food phase, which I expect will be short.  The water, cheese, and strawberries were on sale.