Today is the first day of school!  Getting through the summer was an accomplishment in itself, but other things did happen last week.

  • I did some more work setting up the kitchen.  Specifically, the extra shelves I had requested arrived.  Unfortunately, two were an inch and a half too long so we’ll have to trade them in for the correct size.  Fortunately, they were filling space that will be used to expand in the future.  The largest shelf I ordered went into the base cabinet, and I did need this one to finish putting things away.


It was a bit of a puzzle to get these shelves so tight, but I persevered.  The slot at the bottom is for a large roasting pan whenever I make that investment.

  • I took the boys to the pool.  Hopefully we’ll get in one more trip this week before they close for the year Labor Day Weekend.
  • I took the boys for haircuts and a new shoes (three needed them).  Always good to get this stuff done before school starts.
  • Two participated in the End of Summer Soccer Clinic.  I had to get a new pair of soccer socks so we could promote both to their next sizes.
  • I’ve started hand watering the patches of lawn that irrigation isn’t covering adequately.  I had set the sprinkler up initially, but had watering is even more focused and not that much more time consuming.