I forgot to take a before picture, but suffice it to say that the stuff you see in the after pictures was distributed around the entire area under the stairs, covered with saw dust, etc.  There are six paint cans and some wood near the entrance still as I need to touch up those paint colors.  Then I’ll tuck them around back with the extra tile, grout, and other paint cans.  There’s also a bag of cement, but that needs to hit the trash as its already hardening.

Anyway, I moved everything out of the way, vacuumed the space and each item and put it back neatly so we can hopefully use the space to store other items also.  It will either be holiday items (don’t need them very often) or out of season sports equipment (would benefit from the confined space).  In the process, I learned that tile is much heavier than I thought, and boxes of tile become very heavy.  I got my workout yesterday!

I think this is the last batch of stuff left for us by the builder that needs organizing.  That just leaves the remaining boxes we brought from our old house.