They had been forecasting the snow for most of last week so we had plenty of time to plan for Sunday & Monday.  As it turned out we got about an inch, followed by much rain that created icy slush.  The rain is supposed to stop about lunchtime so hopefully it will melt or I can get out to move it off the driveway before it freezes rock hard tonight.

I had a number of grocery stops this week.  On Monday I went to BJs; the coupons were set to expire.

Then on Thursday, I went to both Wegman’s and Shaws.  The first stop was Wegman’s.  Flour is on special for 99¢, limit 2, during the holiday season so you’ll see that in a few weeks worth of pictures.  Sugar is also limit 2, but I don’t need as much of that.


The next stop was Shaws.  It was important to go Thursday because cheese was on sale.  This is the only store that carries the pizza cheese (and we’ve tried many others to less satisfaction) so I bought everything on the rack.  I also bought enough cheddar to last until I next see it on sale (its available at other stores).  I stocked up on bacon, hot dogs, and pizza dough which are only available at Shaws.  I also bought a box of oatmeal, but that didn’t make the picture.  Usually I only go to Shaws every 6-8 weeks (hence the stocking up), but the one box of oatmeal was all they had so I’ll need to go back sometime this week if only for that.


We have a few nights out for the adults this week.  Plus, I don’t think the flight gets back Monday early enough for us all to eat together.  Tuesday & Thursday need to be quick as the boys have late afternoon activities.

Kids: hot dogs
Adults: Company dinner party

One gone for a business trip so take-out pizza

Kids: Eggs
Adults: Homemade pizza

Chicken pot pie
Green beans

Potstickers (never got to this last week)
Soy dipping sauce

Asiago chicken

Kids: Hot dogs
Adults: OUT