I decided to change things up a bit and list what we actually ate last week, vs my plan for the upcoming week.  I still have a plan, but I’ve found over the last year I need to be more flexible so things move around a bit.  For example, this past Saturday was nearly 60°, so we pulled some steaks from the freezer to BBQ.  Since this often means meals move from the end of one week to the start of the next, they were coming up twice on the “plan.”  This way, you’ll only see them once.

Two shopping trips this past week.  I went to Wegman’s on Wednesday.  I would have gotten 14 milk (the baby is on whole milk now so I’m adding two of those), but only 12 fit well in a standard cart.  We’ll have to see if I can fit more in a BJ’s cart.  I had coupons for the bread crumbs and loaf of bread.  What you can’t see in the bag between the bagels and the limes are chives.

Then, on Friday I went to Stop & Shop. I promised the boys “pizza in the living room” for the AFC Championship game so there are some supplies for that.  The blueberries & potatoes were buy one/get one free.  (I promptly made a batch of blueberry muffins when I got home.)  The mushrooms and fruit cups were on sale (plus I had a coupon for the fruit cups).  The cucumber (60¢) got tossed in to get me just over $15 in produce so I could use a $3 off coupon.


Since we have this one chance, here’s what I planned to eat this week.  Now, for what we actually ate.  Since I write these posts Sunday evening/Monday morning, I’ve moved the weekend to the end of the list.


Spaghetti & meatballs

Tuesday (I didn’t end up going out.):
Sous vide salmon
Pan fried potatoes
Green beans

Kids: White chili
Adults: Homemade pizza

Kids: Eggs
Adults: Baked paccheri

Kids: Chicken nuggets
Adults: Homemade pizza

BBQ rib eyes
Baked potato

Homemade pizza