Three trips to the grocery store this week.

On Monday I went to Shaw’s for those few items only they carry.  I also got grapes which were on sale for 99¢, one box of cereal, and one package of hot dogs.


Then, on Wednesday, I went to Stop and Shop for the items that only they carry.  The grape juice was buy 1, get 1 free.  The pasta, strawberries, and roast were on sale.  This cheese I can only get there.  And, we were out of pepperoni.


Finally, on Sunday I stopped at Stop & Shop for two gallons of milk to tide us over until Monday when I was planning to go to Wegman’s.  I forgot, until I was there, that it was Easter week.  Since many meats were on sale I stocked up on those also; they will go in the freezer.  Cheese and potatoes were also on sale.  The frittata is for the preschool family breakfast on Wednesday.


We’re entering spring sports season, also known as the season of quick/split dinners.  Unfortunately, even those dinners that weren’t fast aren’t in here as recipes yet.

Sous vide salmon
Brown rice

Kids: Chicken nuggets
Adults: Homemade pizza

Kids: Hot dogs
Adults: Homemade pizza

Leg of lamb
Spinach salad
Oatmeal bread

Kids: Ice cream social (yes, the annual ice cream for dinner event)
Adults: out (quick dinner and a movie)

Beef stew
Whole wheat rolls

Chicken tacos with avocado salad