This is hardly an accomplishment, though it doesn’t happen every day.


The sale price was on all Prince pasta.  If we liked Tricolor Penne, I would have tried to see how much I could get off.  As it was, the Elbow Macaroni is two shelves down so the stocker definitely noticed the issue.

In other news:

  • I had three parent-teacher conferences.  All is well.
  • I had a Dr. appointment.  All is well there too.
  • We had the first full day of soccer practices.  The second was cancelled by a torrential rainstorm.  We had our first two soccer games.
  • We had the last 3rd grade math morning of this year.
  • Two boys went to Little League Picture Day.
  • We went to swimming, baseball, adventure, and skating classes.
  • One boy went to see the Boston Symphony Orchestra with school.
  • I filled out three more field trip forms.  It certainly seems like there have been more this year than last.
  • Most of us attended the Preschool Ice Cream Social.  This is a once a year, ice cream for dinner event.  There’s also a very popular clown.
  • I filed the accident paperwork with the insurance company.
  • The adults went to see Logan; definitely not a kids movie.