This has not been a productive week, unless you count extra time with the kids because of snow days!  We had two snow days last week.  Today is another snow day.  And, if the forecast holds I don’t see us having school tomorrow (not my decision, though).  We also lost power for 16 hours last week, which was about middle of the road for our area.

Here’s today’s “view” courtesy of wind driven snow.


We did get a few regular things in:

  • Swimming for the middle four
  • A playdate for the preschooler
  • One of the baseball sessions
  • Math morning

But, most things were washed out.

The older three finally went to see the Black Panther movie.  They’ve been seeing all of the movies in that chain and wanted to make sure they got this in before the next installment comes out.

I got my oldest’s team baseball bag embroidered with his name.  Otherwise they all set their stuff down and its hard to just grab yours and go.  Probably some others will do the same with either names or numbers.

I went to the Math Placement discussion last night to learn about the middle school math levels and how kids are placed in them.  They touched on 9th grade also, but it was mostly middle school.  The most interesting assertion is that kids can move between the levels rather freely in middle school.  Apparently the higher levels represent a deeper dive into the same topics so if you’ve matured enough to handle the deeper dive next year, you are ok having not missed an actual topic.  Interesting.  My experience in school was that it was very difficult to move out of one’s track; near on impossible to move up.

As for what didn’t happen.  In theory Ninja night for the fourth graders and the first grade concert will be rescheduled.  The first grade concert is rescheduled for tomorrow, but referencing my first paragraph that is looking rather doomed.  I’m sure they’ll push it out again.

Unfortunately, today’s swimming and last week’s gym and baseball classes won’t be rescheduled.  They’re just gone.