This week’s post could almost be a carbon copy of last week’s.  Two more snow days (bringing our total to 7 before the next storm hits tomorrow) washed out swimming lessons, postponed kindergarten registration, and postponed the 1st grade concert for the second time!


But, Mother Nature will not win.  We did get that concert in last night.

Ironically we’ve had substantially less snow this year than in 2015, when we had a total of 5 snow days.  I think the timing must just be worse.  We keep having snow days in pairs this year because the storm doesn’t leave until the morning hours.

This was from one storm.  And look how the wind brought it into the porch.

Scheduled items that happened:

  • Gym class for the youngest
  • Kindergarten orientation meeting for me (and I got his registration done this morning)
  • Two rounds of baseball lessons
  • Math morning & Before school sports for the 4th graders
  • Poetry night for the 6th grader

The oldest and youngest boys had time off school for professional days over the last week making things feel even more choppy.

We got the gutters cleaned (professionally as one side is over 3 stories off the ground).  It was the first time in this house and we weren’t sure how much was actually up there.  Now we’ll have to see how much impact it had.  There was snow on the roof, but that didn’t seem to keep him from accessing the gutters.

I got a few house things done.

  • I finally got everything put away after our trip.
  • I threw out many socks (10+, I lost count) and one pair of pants with holes in them.
  • I repaired a book.
  • I took care of a few of the lingering electronics setup items.
  • I got one of the sets of birthday party thank you notes mailed.  One more set to do.