This was a big week – many stops and big dollars.  It did include my (roughly) monthly trip to BJ’s, but I still hope things will level out.

In advance of the latest Nor’Easter I went to Target, BJ’s, and Wegman’s on Monday.  I spent $23.10 at Target on juice and raisins.


Since there is no need to refrigerate this, and BJ’s and Target are close together but not particularly close to me, I went directly to BJ’s where I spent $163.88.  Frankly, for BJ’s that’s not that bad.

I went home, put this all away, and ate lunch.  Then after the preschool pick-up we went over to Wegman’s and spent another $39.44.


I’m glad I got all this in because Tuesday and Wednesday were indeed snow days.

On Thursday I spent another $36.51 at Wegman’s.  My primary goal had been to replenish the eggs and coffee, but I got items for the weekend dinners also.


Then on Saturday, I spent $33.65 at Stop & Shop on mushrooms and items that were on sale this week.  The chocolate bar was my Free Day item.


Finally, Sunday night we went to Wegman’s yet again.  I had thought I’d make this trip today, but we ended up going at night.  We spent $65.56.

All that made for a big total – $362.14!

So, what did we do with it?

Early: Macaroni & cheese, broccoli
Late: Homemade pizza

Chicken noodle soup, homemade bread

Braised pork, mashed potatoes, green beans

Early: Chicken nuggets, spinach salad
Late: Homemade pizza

Early: Pancakes
Late: Tuna noodle casserole

Crock pot chicken with wine sauce, pan fried potatoes, spinach salad

Green tea poached salmon with soba noodles