Soccer season is in full swing and baseball is just getting started.  As I’ve gone to these various fields, I feel a bit like an urban explorer finding long lost equipment.

It was vacation week so things were a bit more relaxed.  But we had two sick kiddos so we didn’t do much extra either.

So, in total, the kids had:

  • Two baseball practices
  • Three baseball games
  • Four soccer practices
  • Four soccer games
  • One birthday party
  • Haircuts for all the boys
  • Math morning for the 4th graders

I continue to make good progress towards my goals of decluttering 465 items and evaluating my clothing.  As of now I’m on track towards the 465 and halfway through the clothing (though for various reasons the second half should be faster).

As part of the 465 I sold a few more things.  The process has also made a real dent in my piles of previous years school papers.

I also finished the signup process for baseball camp this summer.  That pretty much takes care of our July & early August schedules.