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The process continues.  The volume is down this batch, but the clutter clean-out continues!

Day 13:


Recycle: As I was going through my dresser for the clothing review, I found 11 pages of notes (from multiple years) re the kids Christmas presents.

Fabric Recycling: During the same activity I found two headbands that were over the hill.

Day 14:


Trash:  I went back to the stash closet for ten random party items, including one bag of moldy homemade playdough that had been sent home from preschool.  Yuck!

Recycling: I also found one old goody bag and three sets of toy instructions.

This closet still has a long way to go, but the kids are home for April vacation so I’ll need to switch gears for a week or so.

Day 15:


Donate:  The three shirts on the left are in great shape, they just don’t fit me correctly anymore.

Fabric Recycling: The red shirt has stains; if you look closely you can see them in the picture.  The swimsuit’s elastic is shot.  The sock lost its mate to a hole.

Trash: I finally got around to entering a big batch of Pampers’ points so nine bags can go.

Day 16:


Recycle: The kids are not going to care if I part with their school worksheets.  So, 16 of them went in the recycling.

Day 17:


Recycle: Seventeen more papers joined the pile.

Day 18:


Recycle: The kids cleaned their rooms today.  I didn’t expect them to want to part with much, but they did add a bunch of scrap paper, as well as the box and tube on the right to the collection.

Fabric Recycling: I’ve had the replacement pillowcase for a while as this one had split open.

Trash:  There is a plastic circle the boys found, an old gift card, and a pack of fabric swatches that we never did end up buying furniture with.

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