It’s almost officially summer.


This should have posted on Tuesday so clearly I am not yet back on track from the spring.  Summer, with everyone home, won’t help so be prepared for things to be a little less organized until they’re back to school in September.

I never did get a post up this season about our typical week, but I’m not sure there was such a thing.  The kids were in school until about 3:00 everyday.  Then our oldest had middle school baseball (practice or game) most days until about 5:00.  The real kicker is the evening timeslot.

Between 5:30 and 8:00 pm in a typical week we had all of the following on weekdays:

  • Four soccer practices.  Two each for kids A & C.
  • Three baseball games.  One for kid D and two for kid A.
  • Three baseball practices for kid A.

Plus a few one time random items that fell in that same weekday timeslot:

  • Soccer ratings for kids A & C.
  • A makeup soccer game for kid A.  These  are usually on Saturdays.
  • A chorus concert for kid A.  A twice annual event for every grade at school.
  • A school committee meeting for me.  I never go to these, but this was one where they were soliciting feedback on a new proposal of great significance to us.  Of course it fell in May!
  • I spoke at the Kindergarten panel for incoming students.  Again, a one-off that happened to fall in May.

It was quite the juggling act to determine which thing kid A was going to.  And, we had to sort drivers because we almost always had two – three on Mondays – different fields to get to.

Then last week when the playoffs hit it bumped to five baseball games in one week!

So, now we take a deep breathe.  Soccer, and most baseball, is done until next fall/spring.  One baseball team will continue, though in a much less time consuming fashion.  Other kids are participating in swimming lessons, tech camp, and track camp over the summer.  I’m sure we’ll go someplace.

But other things did manage to happen in the past month:

  • We finished up gymnastics class, bike club, and math mornings.
  • Our youngest boy went to Kindergarten screening and graduated from preschool.
  • The kids attended four birthday parties – oddly including each boy exactly once!
  • We had three dentist appointments.

I did get some things done around the house also.  I’ll write about those in another post.  And, talk about what I hope to get done over the summer.