I would have hoped to be back to having menus available, but baseball marches on.  We had baseball everyday last week, and six of seven evenings!

But, I did go to the stores.  (Given how late I finished putting this together yesterday, it made more sense just to post it on Tuesday.)

On Monday, I made a relatively small trip to Stop & Shop.  I spent $34.21 on sale items, milk, and a few things I can only get there.


On Tuesday, I spent $15 on three quarts of strawberries at the farmer’s market.  Not cheap, but much tastier than the grocery store variety.

On Thursday, I made my first of two trips to Wegman’s.  This was the first of a spendy burst as we hosted roughly 35 people for a BBQ Sunday night.  I thought about separating my more regular groceries from those for the BBQ, but decided against it.  Inevitably we won’t eat everything (the bulk pack of cheese slices, for example) and we’ll pick up pot luck items people leave us so it didn’t seem worth it.  Anyway, this trip was $84.12.  Only the cheese is for the BBQ, though I did order our burgers for pickup on Sunday while I was there.


Friday was the kids’ last day of school.  Between that (ie, trying to avoid going with them for as long as possible) and the BBQ it was a big trip to BJ’s: $244.83.  As you can see, there was so much stuff that I gave up sorting it nicely for the pictures and even got a few toys (not new) in there.


I also picked up $61.24 of homemade pizza supplies (plus a watermelon and shallot) at Shaw’s on Friday.


Finally, on Sunday I picked up the most last minute, and priciest part of the BBQ – the burger patties – for a total of $142.18.  (Which, as it turns were more than necessary so we have lots of  leftovers.)


So, it was a big week: $581.58.  But, not too crazy with the party and summer stock up.  Hopefully all this extra food will play out to lower bills over the next few weeks.