Late post today as the kids have no school.  Plus, it takes a bit longer when I have to total up an entire month.

Last week first.  Sadly, I went grocery shopping almost everyday.  It really was an inefficient week.

On Monday, I ran in to Stop & Shop to grab something for an early kid dinner plus address the milk and bananas shortages.  I also took advantage of the great steak sale that was still going and picked up two more packages.  Mushrooms and ice cream were also on sale.  It all totaled $55.88.

On Tuesday I was near Target so I stopped there for grape juice, craisins, and granola bars.  I also needed one jalapeno for dinner.  They only had a bag of eight, but that was better than stopping elsewhere for one.  Now we just need to have Mexican more in the next week or so.  The total was $39.95.


On Wednesday I needed exactly six items (two of which weren’t food so I would not normally bring them up) so I went to Stop & Shop as it is the closest to my house.  Unfortunately of those six things they only had three.  And, while looking for those six things I found two items – hot dogs and cold medicine – that were months beyond their expiration date.  All in all a disappointing experience.  As for food, I bought onions and spinach for a total of $5.00.

So I went farther (and into rush hour traffic) to Shaw’s for the rest of what I needed at $19.59.  I was rather annoyed by this and jumped right into dinner, thereby not taking pictures.

On Saturday I spent $68.04 at Wegman’s, largely to restock the milk.

My last stop this week was the farm stand.  Surprise!  I spent $20.52.  We ate the green beans for dinner last night.  The corn will go with dinner tomorrow night.  That bag of broccoli will cover 2-3 meals, depending on how many people are eating.  All of that is local.  The pears and tomatoes are not local and will be more snack-y, spread over the week.


That brought my total to $208.98.  So, inefficient but not expensive.

And now for this week.  I looked at the categories by percentage last week; now for the totals.

September TOTAL: $1,387.48

  • Stop & Shop: $285.54
  • Wegman’s: $667.97
  • BJs: $304.19
  • Other: $129.78
    • Local: $45.25
    • Star Market/Shaw’s: $64.68
    • Trader Joe’s: $0
    • Target: $19.85
    • Other: $0

Oof.  Clearly I was making up for last month!