There weren’t many stops this week, but the last one was a doozy!

The first stop was on Wednesday when I went to Shaw’s for pizza supplies.  I didn’t take a picture, but I spent $53.82 on nine pizza dough balls and nine packages of pizza cheese.  After that I hopped over and spent $50.65 at Wegman’s.  I needed flour and was happy to see that it is on sale for the season again, limit 2.  You’ll therefore be seeing two almost every time through Christmas.

On Thursday I was at Stop & Shop to grab all the sale items.  Chicken thighs, English muffins, and Doritos were at their lowest ever offers.  I spent $50.13.  The only things not on sale in this picture were the milk, egg noodles, hot dogs, and hot dog buns.  The kids ate the hot dogs for dinner that night.

I was back at Wegman’s on Friday in anticipation of weekend visitors.  We spent $44.44 on a mix of things for them and things we were just out of.


On Sunday we went to BJ’s.  I spent a final $125.84 for the week.  I don’t expect to be back at BJ’s again before Halloween.  My mother-in-law also paid for our dinner than night and a few extras, which you’ll see in the pictures too.

That brought me to $324.88 for the week!  Now, we are well stocked for a while especially for meat so my plan is to buy items to work with what we have for the foreseeable future.