Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

It’s transition time here with a week off between fall and winter baseball.  It’s also been colder, rainy, and blustery so some soccer has been cancelled.  That made for an odd weekend as we had nothing on our schedule.  Can’t think of the last time that happened!

So sports are a little light this week:

  • Gymnastics for the youngest.
  • Two soccer practices and no games.  What?  Yes, everything else was cancelled for either Halloween or rain.

But school was busier:

  • I had three parent-teacher conferences.
  • Our oldest went on a field trip to see a musical.
  • Our youngest had pajama day (at preschool).
  • The twins had math morning.
  • I went to a school start time meeting.


And then, of course, there was life:

  • Halloween.  Can’t skip that one.
  • We had one Dr. appointment.
  • I took my car in for service.
  • I registered the youngest for the next gymnastics session.
  • I registered one for spring baseball.

I’m working towards my November goals.  I made an appointment to get my haircut.  And, in the spirit of Christmas that is coming, here are the first six days of the 30 day cleanout:

By the end of November, these were made to leave:
Six pumpkins glowing,
Five expired helmets;
Four hanging dresses,
Three canned goods,
Two sippy cups,
And a broken kids lawn chair.