I made a few stops, but nothing huge.  In fact my biggest spend was the farm share pickup, which included a number of items that will last us at least another week if not more.

I started the week with two stops on Tuesday.  First, I spent $66.51 at Wegman’s.  There were two gallons of milk that didn’t make the picture.  Unlike the farm share, these items were largely for this week.


Tuesday afternoon I spent $8.97 at Stop & Shop for a few sale items.


I picked up my farm share on Thursday.  At $76.49, it was bigger than last week, but should have us covered for veggies for a while.  As of now we’ve eaten half the turnip and an Asian pear.  I put the chicken in the freezer to go with the chicken left over from the previous week’s order.  We still don’t have enough for one meal for us though so I’ll need more before we eat it.  It’s part of the exercise of leveling the amount of money spent on the farm share each week.  That being said, there are plans for most of this between now and Thanksgiving.


Finally, I stopped at the farm stand on Friday, primarily for the tomato, apples, and green beans.  But, I brought the total to $26.73 by buying salsa, avocados, and black beans so I didn’t have to make an additional stop at a grocery store.


That brought me to $178.70 for the week, way under usual!

I’m still trying to focus on the proteins in the freezer.

Early: Chicken nuggets and applesauce
Late: Homemade pizza

Pasta with Sunday Sauce and spinach salad

Wednesday (ate the same thing at multiple times:
Chili with corn bread

Early: Chicken nuggets and carrot sticks
Late: Tuna noodle casserole

Early: Leftover pasta with Sunday Sauce
Late: Homemade pizza

Texas carnitas with black beans, Mexican rice, roasted corn, and avocado slices

Chicken pot pie