This post contains affiliate links.  However, I chose to try the meat share and paid for it myself after hearing about it from friends.  If you live in the greater (like an hour+) Boston or New York City area, you can give them a try and get $10 off your first order.

I wrote about our first and second meat deliveries from Walden Local and gave updates of what proteins (really meats/seafood) we had on hand.  They delivered again this week.  I did change things up a bit in that I asked for only grind, sausage, and roasts this time.  It’s their second to lowest option, vs the highest (or fourth) that we had done the first two months.


So, first of all here’s what we got:

  • Four pounds of ground beef
  • Two pounds of ground pork
  • Four links of hot Italian sausage
  • Four links of Farmer’s blend sausage
  • Two uncured maple hams, about three pounds in total
  • One boneless pork shoulder roast
  • One beef chuck roast

I was particularly excited by the hot Italian sausage and pork shoulder roast as those were really good the first time around.

I think the jury is still out on them.  The roasts we’ve gotten have been good.  But, I’m having to think up uses for the sausages and ground meats.  So, I like all the meat, I’m just questioning whether it is the right mix of meats for us.  Also, with the holidays here I’m buying specific meats for specific meals so there are just fewer meals to eat with random selections.

We ate all of the breakfast meats.  I’ve bought some more, but since they’re very new, I’m going to take that category away.  I’ve also edited it down to just what we have left (in addition to the above).


  • Two pounds of Walden Local ground beef
  • Six grocery store NY strip steaks
  • Four Walden Local NY strip steaks
  • Three filet mignons
  • 8-10 hamburgers worth of 80% ground beef (not shaped)


  • Leftover pulled pork; enough for one meal for the kids
  • Four pounds of pork loin chunks
  • One pound of Walden Local ground pork
  • Eight sweet Italian sausages
  • Four each of two kinds of Walden Local sausage: bacon bratwurst and chorizo with bacon & cilantro
  • Two half pork loin roasts


  • Two packages of chicken thighs with bones and skin; one package = one meal for us
  • Two 1.33-lb packages of ground turkey; two packages = one meal for us
  • Six packs of thin-sliced chicken breast; 4-5 packs = one meal for us
  • Two chicken leg quarters (from Farmers to You); 7 = one meal for us


  • Some tilapia filets
  • One bag of shrimp; 1 bag = one kids meal


Apart from the buildup of sausage, I think the volume is holding fairly steady and we’re getting good turnover.  I clearly have to come up with some additional uses for sausage this month.