On the one hand, I spent very little at grocery stores this week.  But, there’s a but and it will be at the end.

I started at the farm stand on Monday, spending $12.19 on mostly local produce (not the pears).


I then spent $6 on more apples (different variety) at the farmer’s market on Tuesday.  I was expecting to buy more things, but found the offerings to be rather sparse.

My big shop of the week was $66.83 at Wegman’s on Wednesday.  Unfortunately I grabbed Mozzarella instead of Cheddar, which also has a green stripe.  We’ll eat it, but not our favorite.  There were also three gallons of milk that didn’t make the picture.


Finally, on Friday I ran in to Stop & Shop.  The total was $26.90 for Saturday’s soccer snacks – apples and bananas – and sale items.  Pasta was $0.33 each, limit three!


So, that brought me to $111.92 for the week.  That would be excellent, BUT this was the first week of the meat share I’m trying out.  Eagle-eyed readers would notice no meat in the pictures above, which is highly irregular for us.  Our meat share brought us to $345.92 for the week.  So, that is high.  But, this is a once a month delivery.

The share is pricier than sale meat from the grocery store.  And, we only have limited say on what we get.  But, it’s supposed to taste better, plus its from local farms and some other feel good things.  That being said, I only went with pork and beef.  It’s a total per pound and I wasn’t ready to use up my pounds with chickens.  They also have lamb, but we don’t like that enough to get it regularly.  We’ll eat some of this and let you know how it goes both taste & budget-wise.  This cost about half of what we spent on meat in September so it seemed like it should fit in our budget even if I buy some chicken and ground meats.  I can imagine it might take a few times to refine our preferences.