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October has been all about polishing off those things that I fell behind on over the summer, got bumped by the hectic school start schedule, or otherwise just needed to wait for a calmer period (preferably with fewer/no kids at home).

Over the summer I had hoped to tag 465 things for the twins tag sale at the end of September.  By the time the sale happened, I had tagged 337.  So, I didn’t hit that goal, but realistically there was no additional space in the minivan.  Apparently I need to keep that in mind next time!

I sold about half of what I tagged.  The rest got sold, donated, or packed away for another sale.  So, let’s see if in September and October combined I can get to (roughly) 465 things out of the house!

So, for simple math lets say I sold 160 things (roughly half) at the tag sale.  That would leave me with 305 left to go.  I donated two piles to local children’s charities totaling 37 items.

I donated 14 and 35 items to two other charities.  Then I totaled up my fabric recycling (stains, tears, broken zippers, etc.).


I gave someone the infant tub and infant car seat.  I sold 10 items.  I returned one item.  So, that brings me to 190 items that need to leave by the end of October.  I’ll update this project next week.

In sports, we had:

  • gymnastics class for the youngest.
  • the final three fall baseball practices and game for the oldest.
  • a total of four soccer practices and four soccer games.
  • and orientation for the spring baseball program.

I went to my final Back to School night for this year, this time at preschool.  There was also a principal’s talk at the Middle School.  Both were sandwiched inside of soccer practices.  Soccer is 7:00-8:30.  Back to Nursery night was 7:30-8:00 and the principal’s talk was 7:00-8:00.  It made for two busy, but oddly efficient evenings.

And to finish out a busy week:

  • I took the youngest to a play date.
  • The twins went to math morning.
  • I sold the last two items that seemed hot.  I have a few more listings, but they don’t seem to be moving so I’ll take them down and maybe post another time.
  • I picked up a check for two things that sold via a consignment store.  The check arrived from the consignment sale.
  • I attended the local rummage sale.  This and the twins sale are the two I try to go to regularly.  I spent just under $40 at each this year, which really isn’t too bad.

The twins sale is limited to seasonal kids items.  I spent just over half my money on the youngest and got a few items for the boys.  I went in with a fairly precise list of what we needed.  This year I largely steered clear of books and toys as we really didn’t need anything there.

The rummage sale is much more comprehensive.  They have clothing for everyone, toys, books, household goods, and who knows what else (just not outdoor/garage).

I spent $28.50 – plus a $1 admission fee – the first day.  The green shorts, solid pink shirt, and Patriots sweatshirt are the only items that will fit the kids right now.  The three dresses will be for next summer.  Everything else is probably farther out.  I felt like the biggest scores were the sweatshirt ($2), the khakis (Gap NWT size 12 for $3), and the brand new canning jars ($4).


The second day is half price and no admission.  In the past I’ve only gone on the day my kids were in preschool.  But the middle three boys really needed pants so I bit the bullet and went the first day with a child in tow in the hopes of finding some pants.  I struck out.  But, I found a few things and I saw some things that I figured were worth it at the lower Tuesday price.  Plus the youngest was in preschool so I could look a little more thoroughly.  As you can see I went a little more summer, things that hadn’t really been on my list the first day.  Best deals today were probably the wrapping paper (large roll for $0.50), the raincoat (Land’s End for $1), and the Nike pants ($1.50).  At $0.50 each the shorts were good buys too.


So in the end I did bring some items into our house also.  But, they’re hopefully all things that will be worn in the future.  Looking forward things seem to be calming down.  I have a few more to do items that have been held over from summer, but the press of fall activities seems to have abated.