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First, I found an additional 190 things (with help from the pile of old school papers) to toss, bringing me to 465 for Sept/Oct combined!

In sports (winding down):

  • Gymnastics for the youngest.
  • Swimming for the middle four.
  • Four soccer practices but only one game.  The rest were rained out.
  • I registered the fourth for baseball in the spring.

And, in life:

  • I had one parent/teacher conference.  Three more this week.
  • We completed health insurance signups for next year.
  • We got flu shots.
  • The twins went to math morning.
  • We carved pumpkins.


As this basically closes out October, here are my goals for November:

  • Clean the garage.  This largely needs to be done while everyone is at school which will be a bit challenging with Thanksgiving and parent/teacher conferences taking away some preschool days this month.  But, there’s a limit to the cold temperatures I’m willing to work in so it needs to get done soon.
  • Get a haircut.  This is the second to last item on my backlogged list from the summer.  It’s been since April.  Also much easier to do when preschool is in session.
  • Throw out another 465 items.  I’m going for the # of the day method this month.  And, I expect to be relying on the school papers pile for the 20+ numbered days, but there’s plenty more cleaning out that needs to happen so a 30-day month provides some nice motivation.

I think three goals is a good target for the month.  Obviously other things will happen, but three is a reasonable number to focus on.