This post contains affiliate links.  However, I chose to try the meat share and paid for it myself after hearing about it from friends.  If you live in the greater (like an hour+) Boston or New York City area, you can give them a try and get $10 off your first order.

Two weeks ago I wrote about our first delivery from Walden Local and gave an update of what proteins (really meats/seafood) we had on hand.  The “data” was from actually from a month ago so I thought it would be worth giving an update after our second Walden Local delivery.  They deliver monthly and that seems like a reasonable interval to update such things.

So, first of all here’s what we got:


So, from left to right we have:

  • Four each of two kinds of sausage: bacon bratwurst and chorizo with bacon & cilantro
  • Four pounds of ground beef and two pounds of ground pork.
  • Six boneless/skinless chicken breasts
  • Three bavette steaks
  • Four NY strip steaks
  • One bottom round roast

The total weight this time was 20.7 lbs.  I had also changed up our settings a bit this month.  I kept the weight and number of people the same, but allowed chicken.  I was rather hoping for some chicken breasts to try to see if they’re better than the grocery store.  I was also hoping for some ground pork as I wanted it for a recipe so I set up my preferences to hopefully encourage both those things.  Bavette steaks are new to us, but apparently they’re like small flank steaks and make good fajitas so that’s my plan.

So, how were the items from the first delivery:

  • Boneless pork belly – Haven’t cooked this yet.
  • Two boneless pork shoulder roasts, about 1.5 lbs each – These were very good.  And, I used a recipe off their website which was excellent.
  • Three beef flat iron steaks – We made fajitas with these.  They were fine, but I wouldn’t choose them again.
  • Eight blueberry breakfast sausages – I know it sounds odd, but they were pretty good.  Would I go out of my way to by them, no.  Would I eat them if I get sent them again, yes.
  • Three hot Italian sausage – I don’t do spicy, but the folks who ate these said they were excellent.
  • Three “pastrami”-style beef sausage – Haven’t cooked this yet either.
  • Six pork chops – These were nice and moist.  We used one of the two recipes they sent and it came out well.
  • Two beef chuck roasts, about 3 pounds each – I used the other recipe they sent and the pot roast was excellent.

To summarize, we like most everything, most quite a bit.  We have pork belly and four beef sausage left.

I think we did pretty well eating the rest of the proteins also.  I did buy a few during the month, most of which we ate, and I’m not sure we have less than a month ago (which would actually be fine), but I don’t think we have more.  Green means we used some/all of that category up.  Black is no change.  Red is new.


  • 21½ boxes of breakfast sausage
  • One ½ box of bacon = two one meals for us


  • Two one 2-lb bags of browned 80% ground beef
  • Eight NY strip steaks
  • Beef bones; one stock set
  • 8-10 hamburgers worth of 80% ground beef (not shaped)
  • One package of bone-in beef shanks


  • Leftover pulled pork; enough for one meal for the kids
  • Four pounds of pork loin chunks
  • Eight sweet Italian sausages
  • Three half pork loin roasts


  • Four three packages of chicken thighs with bones and skin; one package = one meal for us
  • Four 1.33-lb packages of ground turkey; two packages = one meal for us
  • Six packs of thin-sliced chicken breast; 4-5 packs = one meal for us
  • Four packs of boneless/skinless chicken thighs; 4 packs = one meal for us
  • Seven chicken leg quarters (from Farmers to You); 8 = one meal for us


  • Some salmon filets
  • Some tilapia filets
  • One bag of shrimp; 1 bag = one kids meal