Grocery Update & What We Ate – Week 17, 2019

I got off to an organized start this week, but then it all fell apart.

I spent $254.58 at BJ’s on Tuesday.  Yes, that’s a lot, but I go relatively rarely.  You can tell summer is coming as there are more drinks, more snacky foods, and less ingredients.

I did my main grocery store run on Thursday, spending $102.31 at Wegman’s.  Oddly, since the Stop & Shop strike had just ended and those stores were still not stocked, stock levels were very low throughout the store.  The only things I missed were my preferred salad and cheddar cheese, but there were lots of noticeable holes.

I also picked up my Farmer’s to You box for $43.66.


That was supposed to be the end of it, but I had to make two more tiny trips.

On Friday, I spent $5.38 at the farm stand for a bag of potatoes and a cucumber.  And on Sunday, I spent $4.62 at Market Basket for sugar, tomatoes, and bananas.  So inefficient.

Meals were catch as catch can this week (cue the chicken nuggets).  We did have chicken pot pie one weeknight.

Friday we were out.  Half the family went to Ninja Warrior night at the elementary school as part of which I had ordered them a pizza.  The other half went to the ice cream social at preschool and had ice cream sundaes for dinner.

Saturday we had Picadillo con Espinacas to use up some older spinach.  It used two pounds of the ground beef above.  We used the entire 5 lb bag of potatoes for potato cubes and had some grated carrot on the side.

Sunday, myself and the younger ones had spaghetti & meatballs.  The oldest and Dad went out with his team after their baseball game.  Seven more weeks of spring to go!

Grocery Update & What We Ate – Week 16, 2019

Despite last week being spring vacation, sports just kept chugging along so weekday dinners were the usual split dinner offerings.

Baseball was rained out on Saturday though which meant we could actually eat together.  I went with tacos since I had most everything available.  People would have preferred I have taco shells, jalapenos, and refried beans but we got by without.

Sunday we were invited out for Easter Dinner at lunchtime.  So, dinner at home was simple – spaghetti & meatballs with spinach salad.

I made three grocery stops this week.  On Wednesday, I spent $64.17 at Star Market.  I didn’t get a picture because I arrived home just in time to start dinner so I pretty much shoved things in the fridge and ate.  But, it was a fairly typical trip there with a few week’s supply of oatmeal, pizza dough, and pizza cheese making up most of the bill.

On Thursday my Farmer’s to You box cost $47.42 as my chicken was significantly above the target weight.  That’s ok though.  I’d prefer to have a larger chicken than a smaller one.


Mixed reviews on the ice cream, which was a new category for us.  Good, but a little icy and maybe not differentiated enough to be worth the extra cost.

Finally, I spent $85.72 at Wegman’s on Friday.

That brought my weekly total to $197.31.

Grocery Update & What We Ate – Week 15, 2019


Yesterday was a local holiday.  The weather wasn’t the best, but the big events managed to happen in between the downpours.

I made a number of stops for food last week.  And, being spring we ate a lot of split dinners.  I really can’t remember everything, but I know the small people had hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and pancakes.  The older folks had Welsh Rarebit, tuna noodle casserole, and homemade pizza.

With no sports last night, we had beef stew with homemade potato bread for dinner.  I used the Instant Pot to get it done after we got back from the parade.

I started the week with a Monday trip to Stop & Shop for hot dogs and heavy cream.  No picture, but this does remind me that the younger five had hot dogs and the older three had Welsh Rarebit for this dinner.

On Tuesday, I spent $116.41 at Wegman’s.  This reminds me that the older three had corned beef reubens with tater tots for dinner.  And, apparently I forgot to take a picture of the rest of the groceries!


On Thursday I picked up my $42.86 Farmer’s to You order.


On Saturday, I spent $15.41 at the farm stand for green beans, cucumber, lettuce, blueberries, and raspberries.  No picture as we ate it too quickly!  That reminds me that we had BBQ chicken, biscuits, and tossed salad for dinner.

Finally, on Sunday I went to Wegman’s to get bread and eggs for Monday morning french toast, as well as potatoes for the stew.  I bought other things too, spending a total of $86.38.  Ironically the bread and potatoes didn’t make the picture!

You can tell its vacation week when even I’m outdoing myself in the milk & eggs department.

Grocery Update & What We Ate – Week 14, 2019

I made many small trips to start the month.

I started with $69.03 at Wegman’s on Monday.

Then I spent $35.94 at Shaw’s on Wednesday.  It had been a while since I had been there.  Happily oatmeal was on sale this week.  Unhappily I bought all they had.


I made two stops on Thursday.  First I was at Stop & Shop for peanut butter because apparently I missed that when I went to BJ’s last week: $22.96.


Then I picked up my Farmer’s to You box for $59.40.


Finally, on Sunday I went to Stop & Shop for steaks for the first nice grilling day of the season.  I did buy two additional gallons of milk that didn’t make the picture.  And, I wish they had had more chicken nuggets as they were on sale.  But, what you see (plus the milk) totalled $145.07.


That brought my total for the week to $355.36.  So, an expensive steak dinner and an expensive total to start the month.

This was the first week of spring sports.  Between soccer and baseball practices there are kid activities during the dinner hour every week now through the middle of June.  And, yes, most will happen even if it rains.  I realized I haven’t posted about anything except groceries since mid-December and that since spring is our busy season I’ve often been short posts in the spring, but I’m going to try to get a few more up per week.  Other things were conspiring against me for a while, but I think we can work around those constraints now.

Early (5): Chicken nuggets, applesauce, tomatoes
Late (3): Tuna noodle casserole

No sports today because the standing Tuesday baseball practice was moved to Monday this week.
Picadillo con Espinacas (ground beef with spinach), potato cubes, grated carrot

Early (5): Hot dogs, applesauce, tomatoes
Late (3): Homemade pizza

Chicken pot pie, green beans
This was a split dinner, but the younger ones don’t like crust.  So, I give it to them crustless then add the crust to be done by the time the later three of us are ready to eat.

Early (5): Chicken nuggets, spinach salad
Late (3): Homemade pizza

Early (6, including me): Spaghetti & meatballs
Late (2): Take-out pizza
The first game of the afternoon baseball double-header ran an hour long so it became questionable when they could get home for dinner.  So, we ate and they picked up pizza on the way home.

It was finally (temporarily) warm!
Grilled steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad

March 2019 Grocery Review


Let’s cover last week’s shopping first.  As I mentioned yesterday, it was a big week because I went to BJ’s.

On Monday I did a fairly standard trip to Wegman’s, spending $107.86 (including a baguette that didn’t make the picture).  It’s been a few weeks since Wegman’s has actually had everything on my list, so I’m going to start mentioning those things too in the vain hope that their stocking folks come across this.  This week they had no parsley (bought elsewhere), family size tater puffs (bought the smaller size), or standard size sub rolls (bought the larger size and cut them in half).


Tuesday was the big trip to BJ’s.  I spent $248.27 on mostly sale items.  Conveniently this was the last day of the March coupon cycle and the April coupons had already been released.

I also went to the farm stand on Tuesday because it was the third school’s fundraiser day.  I spent about $20 (seem to have lost that receipt).


I moved my Farmer’s to You pickup back to Thursday this week.  The box (of mostly meat) was $37.43.


Finally, on Saturday I spent $43.11 at Stop & Shop.


That brought my weekly total to $456.67.  Let’s see what that did to my month.

March TOTAL: $1,097.23

  • Stop & Shop: $215.56
  • Wegman’s: $416.45
  • BJs: $248.27
  • Local: $186.98
    • Farmers to You: $166.98
    • Other Local: $20.00
  • Other: $29.66
    • Star Market/Shaw’s: $0
    • Target: $29.66
    • Other: $0

That was a good month!  And, no receipts are hanging over to affect this month so a clean slate going forward.

So, finally, what did we eat last week?

Salmon with soba noodles

Meatball subs, tater tots

Tacos, corn

Early: Chicken nuggets; spinach salad
Late: Homemade pizza

Husband was out.  Plus it was the first day of soccer.  Pickup was at 7:00 so I took advantage of the pizza place we drove right past to get take-out pizza.

Husband got home late from the trip.
Early: Macaroni & cheese, tomatoes, applesauce
Late: Homemade pizza

This was a big cooking day!
Beef tenderloin roast, parsnip puree, french onion soup, green beans


Grocery Update & What We Ate – Week 12, 2019

Today would normally be the monthly summary for March, but I’m behind again so that will post tomorrow.  Here we’re covering two weeks back.

And, that was a very small week, so this will be brief.  On Wednesday, March 20, I picked up my Farmer’s to You box for $41.20.


I usually pick up on Thursdays, but I wasn’t available this week.  So, I had the option to skip a week (no charge), donate, or pick up on Wednesday.  The advantage of picking up on Wednesday is that I was able to get the Raisin Walnut bread which isn’t available on Thursdays so I took that option.

Then, on Friday I spent $48.22 at Wegmans for a total of $89.40!  You’ll see in tomorrow’s post that I more than counterbalanced that this past week.  There have been some big swings in March so the monthly total will be interesting.

Our meals were mostly eaten from things already in the house.

Spaghetti & meatballs, spinach salad

Husband was out so the rest of us finished up the leftover BBQ.

Fish tacos, guacamole, pico de gallo
I tried the corn tortillas with the fish tacos and I quite liked the flavor/texture contrast. The rest of the family still prefers flour tortillas though.

Picadillo con Espinacas (ground beef with spinach), potato cubes

Early: Chicken nuggets, spinach salad
Late: Homemade pizza

Pork roast, mashed potatoes, corn

I forgot to write it down and I have no recollection.  But, it was all eight of us together.

Grocery Update & What We Ate – Week 11, 2019

I had relatively big stops at Wegman’s at the start and end of this week.

I did my main shop of the week on Tuesday: $107.59 at Wegman’s.  I intended to buy Wegman’s Tater Puffs, but they were out of all sizes.  That’s been a real issue lately.  I can’t remember the last time I went when they actually had everything I wanted; there are always some things are out of stock.

I went to Stop & Shop on Thursday mostly for milk and sale items.  I spent $70.42 total including five gallons of milk that didn’t make the picture.  Cheese, Doritos, onions, and spinach were buy one, get one free.  Strawberries were buy one, get two free!


Thursday afternoon I picked up my Farmer’s to You box for $43.40.


On Sunday I was back at Wegman’s to pick up some items for an afternoon birthday party.  It was so busy!  I spent $91.64 on grocery items to use this coming week, including six gallons of milk and two baguettes that didn’t make the picture.  This time they were out of bulk limes so I ended up with organic limes because in bulk they were still less than loose limes.


That brought my total for the week to $313.05.  Hopefully, though, I won’t be doing much shopping this coming week.

Pan fried chicken, brown rice, salad

Roast beef sandwiches, tater tots, carrots

Tacos, corn

Hearty fish stew with chorizo

Early: Macaroni & cheese, broccoli
Late: Homemade pizza

Take out BBQ (because summer can’t come fast enough)

Pizza at the birthday party.

Grocery Update & What We Ate – Week 10, 2019

So, here we are with last week to get back on schedule.

I only made three stops this week.

First, I was at Target on Wednesday so I picked up a few grocery items for a total of $29.66.


On Thursday I picked up my Farmer’s to You box for $44.95.


Finally, on Thursday I spent $102.03 at Stop & Shop.  Admittedly, I had to purchase a few extra items to get this number.  But, I had coupons for $4.50 off $90 and triple gas points for a $100+ purchase.

We had a bit of a cobbled together set of meals because we weren’t always home for regular dinners.

Chicken pot pie, broccoli

One child had a concert (for which two more were stage hands) and another had baseball practice so take out pizza for all whenever they were available to eat.

Lasagna, homemade white bread, salad

Early: Hot dogs, spinach salad
Late: Homemade pizza

Husband was out of town so we had take out Chinese food.

Husband came home late.
Early: Chicken nuggets, spinach salad
Late: Homemade pizza

Pork roast, mashed potatoes, carrots

February 2019 Grocery Review


This post should have gone up last week, but we had a snow day Monday, Tuesday’s are always busy, and then things got far enough astray that I decided just to wait for this week.  But, while I’m here I’ll post “today’s” weekly update for tomorrow.

The end of February resulted in a big shopping week, mostly because I went to BJ’s.  Only the second Wegman’s trip was actually in March so you’ll see most of this worked into the totals at the end.

Tuesday was another shop the local farm stand day.  I spent $28.10 this time.  I’ve got another one of these coming up at the end of the month (three schools total).


I also spent $59.43 at Wegman’s on Tuesday.  And, yes, I knew the snow was a high probability event at this point.  You’ll see more eggs below; most all got eaten over the extended weekend.


I spent $246.03 at BJ’s on Wednesday.

On Thursday I picked up my Farmer’s to You order; $43.25 this week.


Finally, on Friday with the storm looming I made another trip to Wegman’s.  I spent $61.45 on groceries, but this was mostly driven by non-grocery items (ie, diapers) that we were lower on than would carry us through the weekend.

At the end of all this, our secondary fridge looked like this:


I meant to take a picture after the weekend, but suffice it to say most of this was gone.  I did make it to the middle of the following week before having to buy milk again.

That brought my total for the week to $438.26, $192.23 excluding BJ’s (which can throw off the weekly numbers because its a large, irregular hit).

This time I remembered to write down what we ate! (Which ended up being particularly important given how late this post is going up.

Roasted chicken, fingerling potatoes, carrots

I was out.  Everyone else had take out pizza

Chicken noodle soup, croissants

Hearty fish & chorizo sausage chowder, homemade French-style country bread

Early: Chicken nuggets, broccoli
Late: Homemade pizza

Coq au vin, homemade French-style country bread (I made two, but only one loaf got eaten the first time.)

One child had pizza at a birthday party.  The other kids had chicken nuggets and broccoli.  The adults had homemade pizza late.

And, finally, what did all this mean for the monthly spending?

February TOTAL: $1,303.64

  • Stop & Shop: $92.81
  • Wegman’s: $355.25
  • BJs: $530.09
  • Local: $227.61
    • Farmers to You: $164.85
    • Other Local: $62.76
  • Other: $97.88
    • Star Market/Shaw’s: $81.30
    • Target: $16.58
    • Other: $0

Well, that was obviously a very low month for Stop & Shop!  Despite that, the two trips to BJ’s carried us a bit over the goal for the month.  But, added together with January, we’re still below target.

Grocery Update & What We Ate – Week 8, 2019


I had another low grocery week!

My biggest spend was $88.45 at Wegman’s on Tuesday.

I made a small trip – $21.37 – to Stop & Shop on Wednesday.


Finally, I picked up my Farmer’s to You box on Thursday.  It came to $35.85 this week.  Yes, we’re supposed to purchase at least $40 each week.  However, some items are charged by the pound.  So, when you order they estimate a price in the middle of the range, but the final price is based on the actual weight.  I ended up with two smaller than average packages of chicken which brought the total under the recommended $40.  Sometimes one ends up with larger packages so I think it all evens out eventually.


That brought my total to $145.67.  Next week I’ll total up the month and we’ll see how the one really big week balanced (or not) the three small weeks.

It was another week where not everyone was home every night.  Today husband so the kids and I had chicken and dumplings.

I really don’t remember.  I know I thawed some meat for it.  And, I know we ate together.

Early: Hot dogs, spinach salad
Late: The adults went out for a belated Valentines dinner.

Hearty vegetable & pork soup, oatmeal bread

Friday & Saturday:
We were staying with family so meals were covered.

Fajitas, corn