And this will be it.  I’ve used up enough that I’m declaring an end to both the freezer and pantry challenges.  Remember, my real goal was not to live exclusively from what I had, but to use up things that had been in our house for a LONG time before we switched over to the summer menu.  Hopefully that won’t happen again, but you never know.

I started last fall, with updates in January and March.  I wasn’t even sure I’d do a final pantry update as things were quite eaten down in March, but in the spirit of completeness here it is.


  • 1 jar of pesto, 1 package of sea salt, 1 package of sugar in the raw – No update here.
  • 1.5 boxes of graham crackers
  • 3 2 pecan pumpkin quick bread mixes – Would have preferred to remember these before it got unbearably hot.  So, definitely not this week.  I’ll have to try to remember these on cooler summer days as I don’t really want them sitting until NEXT fall.

I’ll eat them eventually:

  • 2 single serve packages of plain oatmeal
  • Dates, whole & chopped – Progress has been made, but some are still there.
  • 2 single serve brownie mixes

Kids snacks:

  • 6 pk chicken ramen
  • Whole almonds, whole cashews – Probably going to take these as pool snacks.
  • Coconut oil, dried apple rings – I had planned to make granola with these, but haven’t.  Maybe I will actually get around to that.

That’s it!  I almost made it (except for the pumpkin bread).  Really though, it is a short list.